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Commercial Litigation

For over 15 years, Godin & Baity has represented a variety of commercial entities in litigation matters. Our extensive and diverse litigation practice covers a wide variety of commercial litigation.

Our attorneys litigate and try cases involving the Uniform Commercial Code, vendor/supplier disputes, landlord-tenant issues, foreclosures, creditor's rights, payment disputes and licensing disputes. We have assisted our clients in personnel, contracts, suretyship, insurance and business legal disputes. At Godin & Baity, we diligently pursue our clients' goals during litigation.

Godin & Baity helps companies protect valuable intellectual property by drafting and negotiating strong vendor, customer, partner and employee agreements, and litigating where appropriate. We have litigated and tried cases involving copyrights, trade secrets, non-compete, non-disclosure and licensing disputes involving key IP assets for large and small companies.

At Godin & Baity, we work with our clients to accurately estimate litigation costs at the outset of a dispute. Clients have accurate information to evaluate options and select the most sensible business objectives. We monitor costs as disputes proceed against estimates to make sure client expectations are met.

Our proactive partnership approach helps us assist our clients in developing business plans and contracts designed to avoid litigation, minimize risk and control costs if disputes arise.

Let us help you protect your business.